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Naturally Simple

Check out the newest Staff Recommended blogger Tarrah - from Naturally Simple!

A veteran blogger with a new blog trying her hand out at gluten-free cooking and natural living, Tarrah provides a fun, humble twist on being healthy and simple. We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!

Check out Tarrah’s blog, and you can find her on 20SB here, Twitter here or check out her Pinterest board!

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Glam and Graffiti

imageOur latest Staff Recommended blogger is Stephanie, from Glam and Graffiti!

One of our newer members, Stephanie, maintains a killer fashion blog called Glam and Graffiti. Stephanie gives a smart perspective on looking sophisticated, and, of course, glamorous.

Check Stephanie out at her blog, and you can find her on 20SB here, Facebook here and twitter here

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Shades of Shayes


Our latest Staff Recommended blogger is Shayes!

"My name is Sarah, but you can call me Shayes. I’m a Jesus-lover, first and foremost. I love people watching, being OCD, and coloring Disney Princess pictures. My dream is to one day be on the NY Times Best Sellers List. SHADES OF SHAYES is where I write about my life, my dreams, my thoughts and anything else that strikes my fancy. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!" 

Check Sarah out at her blog, and you can find her on 20SB here and twitter here

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My Life In a Lab Coat

Sara is a Calgary PhD student in biochemistry and molecular biology with a focus on cardiovascular smooth muscle. She loves music and traveling and drinking and food and clothes…. and life!

She’s blogs about her life in a lab coat (she’s a crazy smart PhD student) and actually makes biochemistry and molecular biology sound fun.

Check Sara out at her blog, and you can find her on 20SB here and twitter here

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Disappointing Lesbians

We’ll let their blog do the talking:

"If you came here looking for porn, we’d like to apologize for the first in an unending series of disappointments that you will face during your time here in our little corner of the internet. Who are we, you ask, and why aren’t we making out while washing a sports car in six-inch heels? Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that we are, indeed, real lesbians. The bad news is that we’re real lesbians. That means a few things:…"

Want to know what those things are? Check out their website and 20SB profile.

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Life With Pho

Possibly the first Vlog recommendation, and setting the bar high! Patrick is a great fellow on and offline. Not only are his vlogs put together excellently (great lighting, sound, and editing), but it’s great content too. From his VEDA videos to his vlogs where we learn about why he wears a crown to work, his thoughts on dating, Patrick painting his nails to get votes, and even a dance video… You’ll be entertained for hours.

Check out his website and his 20SB profile

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The Fashionable Gamer

Erin seamlessly intertwines fashion, gaming, and game reviews in ways you could never imagine. If you’ve ever been told, “But you don’t look like a gamer,” her blog is perfect for you!

Check out Erin’s blog and 20SB profile!

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Snark Squad

snark squadDid you ever go back to some of your favorite childhood books or those television shows you couldn’t get enough of in high school and reread/watch them again and think…”what the hell was I thinking? This is ridiculous!” Snark Squad does that for you.

Made up of five of our own lovely ladies, they tackle everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Goosebumps to Sweet Valley High and the Boxcar Children. And most recently they’ve decided to tackle 50 Shades of Grey, which had some of us Exec Board members cry-laughing in front of our laptops.

Check it out. Like it on Facebook. Tweet how much you love them. And then cry-laugh in front of your computer.

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Miss Ris


Reading Miss Ris’ blog feels like reading your BFF’s blog or your sister’s blog. Something about it feels like home. Whether she’s reviewing her recent reads or documenting her adventures in Pittsburgh and beyond, her writing is warm, real, and just plain good.

Check out her blog, Twitter and 20SB profile!

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Suburban Sweetheart

suburban sweetheart

Kate is our latest Staff Recommends blogger! Kate uses her blog to write about her life in New Hampshire with her U.S. Coastguard boyfriend. Refreshingly honest with a dash of snark, Kate doesn’t hold back, whether she’s writing about a chain letter she received from Jesus, or her work from home outfits. Suburban Sweetheart is a blog you look forward to reading whenever a new post shows up in your reader.

Check out Kate’s blog, Twitter and 20SB profile!